rules and regulations 

Technical Bulletin 2008


Building practical rules from theoretical knowledge and new tools requires deep evaluation. The papers in this section show how new understandings in structural behavior of containerships and deep water moorings can be built into class rules. The papers also cover development of rules for submarines and the future of maritime regulation.


articles authors

Fibre rope deepwater moorings: Complete and consistent design and qualification procedures

F. Legerstee, M. Francois, C. Brun

Bureau veritas rules for the classification of traditional naval submarines

Y. Legal

Condition assessment scheme for ship hull maintenance

C. Cabos, D. Jaramillo, G. Stadie-Frohbös, P. Renard, M. Ventura, B. Dumas

Développement, Implémentation, Maintenance et Futur des Règlements structuraux communs de l’IACS pour les Vraquiers et Pétroliers à Double Coque

P. Baumans