Technical Bulletin 2007


Risk-based inspection optimizes the efficiency of structural maintenance and inspection. There are several papers here which investigate its application to different aspects of FPSOs, and also papers on maintenance of structural integrity for pre-stressed concrete and on crack propagation.


articles  authors

Simulation of Behavior of Fatigue Cracks : A Complete Industrial Process on a Ship Deck Beam

M. Serror, D. Lebaillif, I. Huther

Converted Single Hull FPSO Challenges regarding Inspection, Repair & Maintenance

G. Gourdet & P. Biasotto

A Method For Determination of Elastohydrodynamic Behavior of Line Shafting Bearings in Their Environment

C. Andreau, F. Ferdi, R. Ville, M. Fillon

Risk Based Inspection on  F(P)SO's Hulls : Case Studies on New Built Units

B. Lanquetin, A. Rouhan, G. Gourdet

Risk Based Inspection Approach for Topside Structural Components

M. Truchon, A. Rouhan & J. Goyet

Implementing Risk – Based Inspection on Our F(P)SOs : From a Practical Approach to the Edge of R&D

B. Lanquetin, J. Goyet & J. Esteve

Structural Integrity Management for a Large Pre-Stressed Concrete Floating Production Unit

B. Lanquetin , P. Collet & J. Esteve