technical bulletin 2005


Safety through technical excellence

Keeping ships and offshore units safe in a fast-changing world demands the constant updating of technology. That in turn depends on an unremitting focus on research and development right across all the multiple disciplines which interact with shipping, the weather, oceans and offshore energy.

Bureau Veritas is proud of its leading role as a technical innovator and it devotes a substantial amount of resources to developing and maintaining a very high level of technical expertise. Here in this 2006 edition of Bulletin Technique is a unique collection of academic papers and presentations made by Bureau Veritas’ expert over the previous year.

This Bulletin shows how cutting edge development in hydrodynamics is underpinning better rule development for LNG carriers and containerships. It shows how applied research into fatigue and its effects can lead to better ship structures. Highlights of continuing research into offshore structures and moorings are shown. It brings together papers showing the development of the Common Structural Rules, Goal-Based Standards and the ISPS Code and it shows how deep research is developing the new discipline of Risk Engineering.

This document provides a deep technical resource for anyone interested in ocean technology, for both the shipping and offshore industries. All the authors welcome queries and comments and look forward to sharing their knowledge with other professionals who share their commitment to safer seas.