Press release

Royal Australian Navy contracts Bureau Veritas to support the development of a Defence Seaworthiness Management System

Aug. 4 2020
  • As it builds sovereign shipbuilding capability, the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) is developing a new standardized ‘naval rule set’ for Australia
  • Bureau Veritas will support a component of Navy’s compliance response to DSwMS and is to open a new Liaison and Support office in Adelaide   

Paris La Défense, August 4, 2020 - Bureau Veritas (BV), a world leader in testing, inspection and certification (TIC) services, is working with the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) to support a component of Navy’s compliance response to the Defence Seaworthiness Management System (DSwMS).

Bureau Veritas (BV), with a long history of supporting naval seaworthiness and global ship construction, will support the strengths and capabilities of the RAN to prescribe the naval ‘materiel’ policies and the new standardised naval material rule set for Australia. This framework will provide a necessary ecosystem for the trusted design, build and commissioning of naval ships now - and into the future - as Australia grows their sovereign shipbuilding capability.

Pierre de Chateau Thierry, Business Director, Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore in Australia
de Chateau Thierry

Business Director

Bureau Veritas M&O, Australasia

This is an exciting project for Bureau Veritas. The naval shipbuilding capacity being built in Adelaide and related projects require a strong framework providing the practical foundation for the supply chain and standards. Assisting Navy develop its DSwMS compliance response is a foundation and we are looking forward to commencing this important and substantial task which also has a challenging delivery timeline.

Building modern warships is a complex design, procurement and supply chain management challenge. We will be focused on helping ensure that the complexity of the challenges involved can be managed in confidence.

BV has significant expertise and deployable capacity in Australia and overseas to support the RAN, Capability Acquisition & Sustainment Group (CASG) and the naval shipyards. As a global group with 78,000 employees BV goes way beyond traditional marine classification – with leading expertise in complex asset management, building and infrastructure, consumer products, agri-food, safety certification, and supply chain assurance activities.

An example is the dedicated Bureau Veritas Aeronautics and Space division able to provide overarching regulatory and certification oversight, insight and experience in support of the development of naval ship and aviation requirements into the future.

Pierre de Chateau Thierry: ‘We are far more than a classification society but this project will also draw on our core marine technology capabilities in hull systems, propulsion, electrical systems, ship survivability, stability and trimming, submarine systems, and control systems. We combine the best of marine and other industries to provide the sophisticated capabilities required.’

To support its activities focused on the sovereign shipbuilding projects Bureau Veritas is opening a new Liaison and Support office, with dedicated staff, located in Adelaide’s new Defence & Space Innovation Precinct. If we are going to be a key player in the ecosystem we need to be in that ecosystem’, concludes Pierre de Chateau Thierry.