Nov. 14 2022

Class and Statutory News

MSC 106 Report - 2 to 11 November 2022

MSC 106 adopted the new SOLAS Chap. XV and a related mandatory IP Code addressing safety standards for the carriage of more than 12 industrial personnel. New SOLAS Reg. on fuel flashpoint and amendments to IGC & IGF Codes for cryogenic service in cargo and fuel tanks of LNG ships were also adopted.

Executive summary :


The Maritime Safety Committee was held in person in London (2-11 November 2022) with hybrid facilities allowing remote participation.


MSC 106 adopted amendments to Conventions and Codes, including: 

  • New mandatory Code for Industrial Personnel: adoption of the new SOLAS chapter XV and the associated new International Code of Safety for Ships Carrying Industrial Personnel (IP Code)
  • New SOLAS regulation on fuel flashpoint: new definitions and provisions in SOLAS regulation II-2/4 (Probability of ignition). A declaration by the fuel oil supplier's shall be provided to certify that the fuel complies with SOLAS II.2/4.2.1 and with the test method to determine the flashpoint. The Bunker delivery note indicates the flashpoint.
  • IGC and IGF Codes: amendments to allow the application of high manganese austenitic steel for cryogenic service in cargo and fuel tanks of LNG carriers and LNG-fuelled ships


MSC 106 also: 

  • adopted new Resolutions : Member States' obligations in connection with SAR services under the SOLAS and SAR conventions in the context of armed conflicts
  • adopted a large number of amendments to existing Guidelines, Standards or Guidance, to be disseminated as MSC Circulars
  • approved amendments to instruments or guidelines for adoption at MSC 107 in June 2023, including draft:
    • amendments to the Polar Code (non-SOLAS vessels)
    • guidelines to support the implementation of the new draft SOLAS II-1/3-13 on onboard lifting appliances and anchor handling winches
    • amendments to SOLAS chapter II-2 and the 1994/2000 HSC Codes for the prohibition of PFOS fire-extinguishing media
    • amendments to LSA Code for the ventilation of totally enclosed lifeboats 


MSC 106 considered the following: 

  • progress on the development of a non-mandatory goal-based instrument for maritime autonomous surface ships (MASS)
  • new work outputs to be added onto Sub Committees agendas