Bureau Veritas' two new cyber notations for Marine and Offshore industry

Jul. 11 2019

Around the world, asset owners are integrating new technology into their vessels and offshore units. But new levels of smart performance call for equal levels of reliability, and Bureau Veritas is stepping in with two new notations for cyber resilience.

CYBER MANAGED is intended for in-service vessels that undergo regular, manually-operated cyber protection checks. With CYBER MANAGED, asset owners can rest assured that their onboard systems, including IT and OT systems, have been thoroughly evaluated, safety procedures are in place and personnel have received proper training.

CYBER SECURE applies to newbuilds equipped with in-depth, automated onboard and onshore cyber protection measures. Building on the CYBER MANAGED notation, our CYBER SECURE notation helps asset owners ensure that additional security measures are in place for all automatic digital updates, procedures and system checks.