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Bureau Veritas SA Granted Recognized Organization status by Japan

Apr. 2 2024

Paris La Défense, 2 April 2024 - Bureau Veritas SA (BV), a world leader in testing, inspection, and certification, has been awarded recognized organization (RO) status by Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport & Tourism (MLIT).

The recognition is made to Bureau Veritas SA  under Japan’s Ship Safety Law and the Act on the Prevention of Marine Pollution and Maritime Disaster. The award follows both document verification and site audits, checking inspection procedures at shipyard and operations at the Bureau Veritas Kobe office and in the Paris headquarters, where Matthieu de Tugny, Executive Vice President of Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore, also participated in the opening and closing interviews in Paris.

Accordingly, it was confirmed that the registration requirements and authorization standards as a recognized organization were met, and MLIT formally registered and authorized BV on 25th March 2024.

Bureau Veritas, founded in 1828, established representation in Japan in 1953, where it has been operating ever since. With offices in Kobe and Yokohama, and a worldwide network of offices, Bureau Veritas is now authorized to conduct statutory surveys, certification and services on behalf of MLIT on Japanese flagged vessels engaged in international voyages. Working with a wide range of national administrations - particularly with the key Pacific maritime nations - is an important element in the Bureau Veritas strategy to further promote and share technical expertise and understanding of new technologies. 

Matthieu de Tugny
de Tugny


Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore

It is a great honor to receive such recognition from such a significant shipping nation and Flag State Administration. This confirmation by Japan is a very important addition to our status as the international classification society recognized by 150 flag states. I would like to thank MLIT for the award after a thorough process. We look forward to working ever more closely with MLIT to promote and increase our capabilities for ship and maritime safety, environmental protection and supply chain performance.