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United to preserve our seas for future generations

Feb. 28 2022 - 3 min

“It’s what unites us.” That’s the new tagline for our brand campaign. It encapsulates our passion and commitment for the sea, in which we are united with our clients. The maritime industry is global and diverse, but the passion we all share for our oceans transcends borders and cultural differences. This is the inspiring force that permeates our industry and drives us all to protect our seas for those who will inherit them.

“It’s what unites us” is not just a slogan, though. Below, our Zone VPs speak with us about how important the new campaign is in communicating BV Marine & Offshore’s mission and vision.

Tell us about “it”

“Oceans are an integral part of the lives of everyone working in the shipping industry,” says Paillette Palaiologou, VP South East Europe, Black Sea & Adriatic Zone. “We all must work to protect the environment and life below the surface, because our end goal is to hand down a better tomorrow to our children.” 

Bruno Dabouis, VP South West Europe, North America & North Africa Zone, shares Paillette’s sentiments: “Along with contributing to a safer maritime industry, our mission is to leave behind a cleaner planet. To me, that’s what ‘It’s What Unites Us’ means. It’s the idea of being more respectful and responsible in the way we use the seas. It’s a value – a passion – shared by all seafarers.”

“We’ve devoted our lives to this!” adds Kerem Kiper, VP India, Middle East & Africa Zone. “For me, my colleagues and our clients, the sea has been our world from the moment when we chose our professions decades ago. And we’re so excited to pass on a better sea for our younger colleagues, who have decades of their own labor of love in front of them.”

Sharing inspiration

In conversations with the leaders at BV Marine & Offshore, the idea of collective devotion – of teamwork – came up again and again. “I’ve always been inspired by collaborative working,” says David Barrow, VP South Asia & Pacific Zone. “And when we’re truly united behind a cause as important as responsible stewardship of the sea, we can achieve great things.”

Alex Gregg-Smith, VP North Asia Zone, agrees: “It’s about each of us accepting our instrumental role in shaping a better maritime world.”

As the maritime industry navigates the uncharted waters of carbon-free shipping, Herman Spilker, VP Northern Europe, takes inspiration in uniting to confront these new challenges. “We know we’ll find our way,” he says, “as we have always done in shipping. We can already see a lot of energy and new initiatives. What this motto really underlines is that more than ever, all industry stakeholders need each other to reach carbon-free shipping. It’s not only about us, it’s about our clients and our unity towards a shared goal.”

Translating sentiment to business

BV Marine & Offshore has a crucial role to play as the marine and offshore industries forge a new, sustainability-focused future. For our leaders, this means working together to shape trust with and for our clients. This will be done by leveraging our maritime experience, our independence and our impartiality. It also means enabling the industry to benefit from our expertise in future-focused technologies.

We are entering a new era in which sustainability concerns have moved firmly to the center stage,”

Alex says. “We have the decarbonization and digital knowledge and expertise to work alongside our clients to shape a better maritime future.”