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Protecting our people and your people

Apr. 27 2020 - Matthieu de Tugny, President of Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore - 3 min

Matthieu de Tugny, President of Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore, offers insight into how we are working to safely support seafarers, ships, and vital supply chains around the world.

This has been the toughest start to the year that most of us can remember. It has certainly been the hardest in the course of my career, as we strive to deal with the current situation.

Concern, doubt and even fear are feelings that each and every one of us will share. No one can predict what will happen in the coming weeks and months, and what the implications will be for the future. No one is unaffected by this situation; we are all thinking of loved ones, family, friends and colleagues, hoping for their safety and, in some cases, their recovery.

Many Bureau Veritas employees are now working remotely, surveying ships and certifying equipment and systems worldwide. Our remote survey and remote service delivery capabilities are enabling us to maintain our services and business continuity, and we are continuing to open specialized remote survey centers following the opening of our Rotterdam and Piraeus centers.

If remote surveys are not possible or practical to conduct, our surveyors at 180 survey stations worldwide are there to assist seafarers, site teams and shipyard personnel - even if we are now behind masks and goggles.

Safety, as ever, is our absolute priority - to protect our people and your people, both through our role as a classification society and how we are doing our jobs. I am very grateful for the commitment of the 2,650 people in our Marine & Offshore Division, and the solidarity and sense of purpose that we share with the more than 78,000 people in the Bureau Veritas Group.

When this crisis does pass, we will all be stronger than ever. At Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore, we have the privilege of working for an amazing company, while supporting wonderful clients and working in incredible industries.

Today, even if we can’t be there in person, BV is standing with you. 
Please, stay safe.