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​COVID-19 UPDATE – Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore

Mar. 18 2020

Protecting our people and your people

Bureau Veritas is managing the consequences of the global coronavirus outbreak, protecting health and helping ensure global business continuity.

Safety is our absolute priority. The health of our teams, of our teams’ families and of our clients is our top priority. At Bureau Veritas, we have implemented a coordinated approach at global and local levels. Globally we have in place clear guidance for our people and all their interactions prioritizing health, safety and welfare.

Measures have been established to ensure that Marine & Offshore surveys and delivery of services can continue and that requirements for certificate continuity can be addressed to minimize the chance of operational disruption. If either physical or remote surveys are impossible short-term certificate extensions will be available.

Our extensive network of offices will be able to address any questions related to global survey and service delivery

The following measures are in place:

  • Strict adherence to applicable government and health authority instructions and guidelines
  • Requirements to follow mandatory and self-isolation requirements
  • Travel restrictions
  • Quarantine protocols
  • Remote working for our people whenever possible
  • Use of protective equipment, including masks, gloves, soap, hand-sanitizers and temperature monitors
  • Strict adherence to and support of site security access controls - as well as site health and safety measures
  • Ensuring our global network is educated in updated coronavirus prevention measures - we are in constant contact with our people to address any concerns and questions

Remote working and Bureau Veritas remote surveys

Remote working, remote surveys and service delivery are enabling business continuity as a response to managing the crisis. Remote verification is enabling testing to occur with remotely located BV, client and stakeholder teams providing complete confidence to all involved. Bureau Veritas has developed proven tools required for remote operations and these are in use for effective service delivery.

The practical application of BV’s remote survey capability

Further measures / next steps - limiting disruption and maintaining certificate validity

Further measures and additional hygiene and preventive controls may need to be deployed as the virus continues to spread. BV is following the advice of the World Health Organization (WHO) and working with flag administrations to help ensure certificate validity.

Thanks to its e-certification capabilities BV is able to issue certificates without physical interaction further limiting the risks of spreading the virus.

Instructions and guidelines to all our people are managed by our Group crisis team.

We will keep all our stakeholders informed as the situation continues to develop and will be doing our best to keep our people, your people and society safe – as we have been doing since 1828.