EEXI is here: top 5 ship owner questions

EEXI is here: top 5 ship owner questions


Sébastien Crouzet, International Statutory Affairs Manager, answers ship owners’ questions to guide them to compliance with EEXI, which came into effect on 1 January 2023. 

Sébastien, how is the Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) calculated?

First of all, we need to understand what we mean by “required” and “attained EEXI. The former is a performance level set by the IMO for existing ships, in accordance with fleet statistics per ship type and size categories. The latter is an individual vessel’s energy efficiency index, which must be calculated and approved by the relevant authority.

The vessel’s reference speed (Vref) at a certain draft is needed to calculate attained EEXI. Owners can determine Vref using an approximate formula for their ship type and installed power. Alternative, more precise methods include sea trials, towing tank tests, in-service performance measurements or computational fluid dynamics assessments.

What must shipping companies do to achieve EEXI compliance?

The most important thing needed is action: EEXI is in effect, so ship owners need to be prepared now. They need to have their vessel’s attained EEXI and technical files ready for verification during their next annual, intermediate or renewal IAPP survey from January 1, 2023. After this verification, compliant ships will receive a revised International Energy Efficiency Certificate (IEEC).

If their vessel is non-compliant, owners will have to make some changes to meet the requirements. They can make technical changes – engine or shaft power limitation, for example – or they may have to retrofit or install energy saving devices. The precise solution will vary according to the vessel type, its operations and a whole variety of factors.

Does EEXI apply to my vessel?

Yes, if your ship is 400 GT or more, and is subject to MARPOL Annex VI chapter 4. Required EEXI varies depending on ship type, so owners will need to assess their energy efficiency against the requirements for their vessel type. You can find out more about the definitions of ship type here.

How can Bureau Veritas help with EEXI approval?

There are several ways we can help you out. From performing EEXI assessments, and approving technical files, or defining measures to limit emissions, we are here to make your compliance journey simple.

VeriSTAR Green is a great tool to help ship owners in managing EEXI. It’s our online platform that can be used to calculate attained and required EEXI values, compare them, and measure a fleet’s environmental impact. You can also use VeriSTAR Green to easily get in touch with experts for any questions – we’re here to help you understand and complete the process.

Will I need to gain EEXI approval more than once?

Normally, no. Most vessels will only be required to gain EEXI approval once in their in-service life. They will only need to have their EEXI reevaluated and approved if they undergo very significant modifications or conversions. For the majority of ships, EEXI approval will be a one-time achievement, unlike CII, which requires yearly updates.

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