Emission Monitoring

Low Sulphur Fuel Oil Analysis Software

Release Date

Version Number1.1

Bureau Veritas’ Low Sulphur Fuel Oil Analysis program allows us to estimate the time needed to switch your vessel to low sulfur fuel oil and reach a fuel mixture within the permissible sulfur content prior to entry into Sulphur Emission Control Areas (SECAs).

This program applies to ships using low sulfur fuel oil to navigate in SECAs and using regular high sulfur content fuel oil (HSFO) outside SECA zones. Before entering SECA zones, the HSFO must be completely replaced by LSFO within the fuel oil service system.

  • Simulate the dilution process between HSFO and LSFO
  • Estimate the time needed for fuel oil changeover before reaching the SECA permissible sulfur content at engine inlet
  • Assess the amount and cost of LSFO consumed during changeover procedure

For more information, please contact: mosoftware.license@bureauveritas.com