LIRA Software
Expert solution for shaft alignment

Release Date

Version Number2.1.9

LIRA is a tool intended to calculate shaft alignment (behavior and practical procedures) based on the transfer matrix method and to calculate reverse shaft alignment based on measurements.

At the design stage or during ship repair, the user can easily optimize shaft line performance by pursuing the following objectives:

  • Acceptable and equilibrated reactions on bearings
  • No local overload or contact loss
  • Coupling conditions within manufacturer limits
  • Equilibrium of reactions on gearwheel supports in order to avoid damages
  • Acceptable bending moments and shear forces in the shaft line

For a single shaft line model, it is possible to:

  • Apply different bearing conditions (number of supports, axial locations and vertical/horizontal positions)
  • Apply different loading conditions (punctual forces or moments, distributed masses and densities)

Clients can investigate all possible operating conditions and optimize bearing position in both vertical and horizontal directions based on the results provided by LIRA, including:

  • Diagrams: displacement, bending moment, shear force
  • Tables: shaft slope, reactions and specific pressure
  • Standard class criteria

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