Veristar Lashing Software: Complex container lashing

Release Date

Version Number3.6.1

Veristar Lashing assesses container securing and locking devices for containers stowed on exposed decks. Our software can analyze complex lashing configurations (external, internal or mixed lashing systems), accounting for:

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  • acceleration values defined in Bureau Veritas Rules for Steel Ships
  • roll reduction factors (if the ship is equipped with an anti-roll tank or a stabilization system)
  • horizontal and vertical twist lock gaps

For a given stack and lashing configuration, Veristar Lashing checks:

  • Lashing rod effort vs Safe Working Load

  • Twistlock tensile and shear load

  • Loads in container fittings

  • Racking and vertical forces in the way of both container sides (door and wall)

  • Stack reactions

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