Bourbon and Bureau Veritas talk cyber technology

Smarter together: Bourbon and Bureau Veritas talk cyber technology

Jul. 9 2019 - 6 min

Bourbon and Bureau Veritas discuss their new smart shipping projects and the growing importance of cyber technology in the maritime industry.

Bureau Veritas has forged a strategic partnership with French shipowner Bourbon to develop a smart shipping program, including a smart digital Dynamic Positioning (DP) survey system. Following a successful pilot, Bureau Veritas and Bourbon are looking forward to further deploying these breakthrough technologies. 

Najmeh Masoudi-Dionne, Global Technology Leader – Smart Ships for Bureau Veritas, discusses these projects with Bourbon’s Cedric Menard, Smart Shipping Program Manager, and Ilia Maslov, DP Superintendent.

Najmeh Masoudi, Global Technology Leader – Smart Ships for Bureau Veritas
Najmeh Masoudi
Ilia Maslov, Bourbon DP Superintendent
Ilia Maslov
Cedric Menard, Bourbon Smart Shipping Program
Cedric Menard

NMD: The new partnership between Bourbon and Bureau Veritas includes development of both smart shipping technology and a remote monitoring DP system. Why did Bourbon choose to pursue these initiatives?

CM: Smart shipping is one of the key pillars of our #BOURBONINMOTION transformation plan, which focuses on developing our business model to offer high-quality, integrated services. Smart shipping is a huge element of this strategy: by connecting over 130 cyber-enabled vessels to a global network, we can ensure a permanent data exchange and offer a range of benefits to our clients.  
For example, our technology provides remote access and decision-making support, which helps clients reduce costs and save time. With direct access to data from vessel control systems and the potential for real-time reporting, surveys can be completed in less time than conventional trials, and produce highly accurate results. Digital testing also offers flexibility in terms of when surveys can be undertaken, and eliminates downtime for annual DP testing, allowing ships to continue operating during testing.

NMD: You have mentioned data collection and access, which are big themes in both smart shipping and DP survey technology. How do you handle data collection and protection in your remote monitoring DP system? 

IM: With a remote DP monitoring solution , surveyors can access unparalleled amounts of data from the cloud, whether they are onboard or onshore. By combining industrial data with vessel-integrated automation, surveyors can produce a far more accurate assessment of vessels’ performance and technical capabilities.  

Of course, to achieve that level of accuracy, shipowners need strong cyber security and safety measures in place. Cyber security is a major aspect of developing remote DP technology; shipowners need to be sure that their equipment and data are uncompromised. Thankfully, we have built strong partnerships with experts in this area, including Kongsberg Maritime, who offer data acquisition solutions and a secure global network, and Bureau Veritas, a renowned leader in cyber security and safety regulations. 

NMD: Developing new rules for cyber security is key to assisting our clients, and propelling the maritime industry forward. How has Bureau Veritas’ cyber expertise helped you meet challenges in smart shipping? 

IM: We have a full slate of cyber projects on the agenda, including achieving continuous improvement for our Digital Logbook solution, and developing our Digital DP Annual Survey plan. There is also a Predictive Maintenance project on the horizon, and we will need to determine our internal Data Quality management guidelines. We have plenty to do – and with Bureau Veritas as a partner, we are confident we can accomplish our goals. 

CM: We have a long history with Bureau Veritas, which has always demonstrated an open-minded, quality-based approach to innovation. This makes Bureau Veritas an ideal partner for developing our #BOURBONINMOTION transformation plan.