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Offshore Service Vessels

Offshore Service Vessels are some of the most versatile and sophisticated in the industry. Bureau Veritas’ classification and value-add services support innovation and safety.

Innovation for a fast-moving industry

Whether they serve oil and gas projects or the fast-growing offshore wind industry, Offshore Service Vessels (OSVs) must be efficient, resilient and high-performance. Owners seek energy-efficient designs, and features that enable fast, safe transfer of personnel and provide comfort on board. 

They also need to ensure onboard equipment is safe, and meets regulatory requirements. Finally, owners and charterers need to be sure that offshore support vessels are fit for a specific purpose.

how we support you

Bureau Veritas offers services to identify and manage risks, and optimize costs for your offshore service vessel. Our active role in development of regulations ensures we offer the most up-to-date industry standards.

Crane Vessel Bourbon Evolution - offshore service vessel (OSV) ship classification

Classification for a wide range of offshore service vessels

Bureau Veritas offers an extensive range of class notations for offshore service vessels. Our services cover all offshore activities, from pre-construction to decommissioning. BV notations cover survey & research vessels, offshore construction vessels (OCV), e.g. installation/crane vessels, subsea IMR/diving support vessels, service operation vessels and offshore support vessels OSV, e.g. anchor handling tug/supply vessels (AHTS), platform supply vessels (PSV), stand-by/safety vessels and utility support vessels including crew boats (CTV/FCS) and maintenance support vessels. 

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OSVs operate on a wide spectrum of power demand, leading owners to optimize performance across operational modes. A popular solution for vessel owners is adopting electric or hybrid propulsion supported by dedicated class notations. Bureau Veritas’ unequaled market share in gas fueled vessels proves our expertise in reviewing design and operational criteria, and ensuring safe, efficient onboard implementation.

CGG Symphony - Offshore Service Vessel (OSV )

Optimizing dynamic positioning (DP) performance

As part of the Bureau Veritas Smart Ships program, we collaborate with industry to enhance the operational performance of offshore service vessels with dynamic positioning systems. This program allows data to be collected from vessels at sea and transmitted to onshore engineers for analysis, further optimization, and digital FMEA survey and inspection.  

Smart Ships: Addressing cyber risk, improving performance

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Certification of specialized operations

For those offshore service vessels engaged in specific operations, such as diving or heavy lifting, Bureau Veritas simplifies these operations by defining dedicated notations and requirements. These notations help ensure that performance targets are achievable, while remaining within the safety limits.

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Bureau Veritas’ classification rules for wind farm service vessels support the construction and operation of offshore wind farms. Innovative walk-to-work access systems, such as and motion compensated gangways, ensure safe transfer of personnel in relatively harsh environments. To improve on-board living, Bureau Veritas also offers a Comfort notation for ships offering reduced noise and vibration.


Real-time, connected equipment and intelligent data is emerging as shipping’s most valuable assets. At the same time, we’ve also seen how digitalization brings new challenges. Cyber-attacks against a number of players have revealed that the security solutions currently in place aren’t necessarily a match for sophisticated hackers. As a consequence, a ‘business as usual’ approach is no longer affordable and cyber security should be considered integral to safety management in shipping and offshore operations.

At Bureau Veritas we have built on our expertise across the maritime industry, safety and security of ship operations and ship design, industrial control systems, smart ships, and networks and telecommunications to provide best in class cyber security Services. How do we do it?

  • Detailed notations and practical guidelines for ships in service and new buildings
  • Global network of leading cybersecurity experts to secure your design and run efficient testing
  • Rich experience in regulation compliance (IMO, Flag administration, IACS, OCIMF, BIMCO, ICS…)

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