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Fishing vessels

With fishing vessels built to national regulations, Bureau Veritas offers a fit-for-purpose approach to classification, working with flag administrations worldwide. 

Expert Classification for a Decentralized Market

The lack of standardized international regulations for fishing vessels makes it crucial for ship owners and operators to choose a classification society with knowledge of local regulations.

For new construction projects, vessel owners seek design review and approval from experienced surveyors familiar with all stages of the construction process. Fishing vessels are built and operated worldwide, which makes convenient, global access to surveyors and classification experts a top priority.

How we support you

With significant experience around Europe, and accounting for 95% of the market in Spain, Bureau Veritas is an expert in the classification of large fishing vessels.

Bureau Veritas dedicated tools for classification of Fishing Vessels

Dedicated Rules for fishing vessels

There are currently no international regulations for fishing vessels. Bureau Veritas has its own dedicated Rules covering both conventional fishing vessels and tuna fishing vessels, which comply with EU regulations and the Torremolinos Convention. Bureau Veritas is a trusted partner of multiple flag administrations, and we can adapt our classification approach to comply with national regulations.


Design approval and yard survey for new construction

Bureau Veritas covers all phases of design and construction for new fishing vessel projects. Our expert engineers and surveyors approve drawings, conduct in-yard surveys, handle equipment installation. Our dedicated technical advisory business, Bureau Veritas Solutions M&O performs life extension work on older vessels. 

Fishing crew on the fishing Vessel - Refrigeration systems

Onboard refrigeration

For fishing vessels, properly functioning refrigeration technology is indispensable to keeping the day’s catch cold. Bureau Veritas helps you preserve the value of your haul: we have the experience to inspect the installation of refrigeration systems, ensuring your catch remains fresh until your vessel returns to port.

 Inventory of Hazardous Materials for compliance with the EU Ship Recycling Regulation

Ship Recycling and Rebuilding

Depending on local rules, a new construction project may need to be accomplished in conjunction with the dismantling of another vessel. Bureau Veritas provides support for dismantling older vessels and repurposing the material for use in new construction.  We provide support on owners compiling an Inventory of Hazardous Materials for compliance with the EU Ship Recycling Regulation.

Bureau Veritas extensive network of surveyors on board

Extensive Network of Surveyors

Bureau Veritas has decades of experience classing fishing vessels, and our extensive network of highly qualified surveyors is available to review vessels worldwide. We offer an in-depth, up-close approach to vessel evaluation, with surveyors located in most of the world’s major ports.

Cyber Security for Naval ships - Credit Naval Group


Real-time, connected equipment and intelligent data is emerging as shipping’s most valuable assets. At the same time, we’ve also seen how digitalization brings new challenges. Cyber-attacks against a number of players have revealed that the security solutions currently in place aren’t necessarily a match for sophisticated hackers. As a consequence, a ‘business as usual’ approach is no longer affordable and cyber security should be considered integral to safety management in shipping and offshore operations.

At Bureau Veritas we have built on our expertise across the maritime industry, safety and security of ship operations and ship design, industrial control systems, smart ships, and networks and telecommunications to provide best in class cyber security Services. How do we do it?

  • Detailed notations and practical guidelines for ships in service and new buildings
  • Global network of leading cybersecurity experts to secure your design and run efficient testing
  • Rich experience in regulation compliance (IMO, Flag administration, IACS, OCIMF, BIMCO, ICS…)