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Preparing chemical tankers for IBC code & MARPOL Annex II amendments

Aug. 4 2020

Bureau Veritas is helping chemical tanker owners and operators understand and prepare for new IBC amendments coming into force January 1, 2021.

The latest amendments to IMO’s IBC code will come into force on January 1, 2021 for both newbuilds and in-service chemical tankers. Owners and operators will need to assess the impact of new transportation conditions laid out in the IBC Code on the list of chemical products their vessels currently transport.

The effect of these amendments on individual lists of transportable products will vary from vessel to vessel, depending on a ship’s age, onboard systems, equipment, etc. For ships to continue transporting the same range of chemical products after January 1st, some tankers will require modifications to comply with the IBC Code’s technical and safety requirements.

To help owners determine the best course of action for their ships, Bureau Veritas is offering the following expertise to owners of BV-classed chemical tankers:

  • Provide clients with the updated list of chemical products that will be transportable under the latest transport conditions
  • Perform a gap analysis to identify the differences between transportable chemical products on the current list and those on the updated list
  • Compile a full list of chemical products that ships will no longer be able to transport once IBC Code amendments come into force
  • Identify the IBC Code requirements that ships do not fulfill for each product that can no longer be transported

All lists and additional information are currently available for BV-classed chemical tankers on our Veristar Info portal.

Addressing MARPOL amendments

Further amendments to MARPOL Annex II have been made that impose prewash requirements in the port of unloading for certain high-viscosity or low-melting-point persistent floating products. To comply with these amendments, tanker owners and managers will need to update each vessel’s Procedure & Arrangement (P&A) manual.

Bureau Veritas experts are available now to review updated documentation, helping clients avoid an end-of-year rush for approval.

Simplifying issuance of Certificates of Fitness

To ensure a smooth process for the replacement of existing certificate, our experts will follow the guidelines provided in amendment MSC-MEPC.5/Circ.7 – Guidance on replacement of IBC Code Certificates.