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“Moving Green by Green” - World's Largest Ammonia Powered VLAC Debuts

Dec. 13 2021

On December 10, Jiangnan Shipyard (Group) Co. Ltd, together with CSTC, video signed a memorandum of cooperation with JS & Co for 2 + 2 units of 93000 CBM very large integral green ammonia carrier (VLAC), and witnessed by the senior representatives of Bureau Veritas.

Moving Green by Green-World's Largest Ammonia Powered VLAC Debuts

由 JS & Co 董事长 Mr. Jacques de Chateauvieux,江南造船林青山副总经理、贸易公司 吴爱军副总经理代表三方签字。由江南造船黄文飞总经理、陈兵技术总监,及 JHW E&C 执行董事王建平、CEO 朱胜勋,及法国 BV 船级社副总裁 Mr. Matthieu de Tugny、中国区副 总裁陈彪见证签字。

Signed by Mr. Jacques de Chateauvieux,Chairman of JS & Co, Mr. Lin Qingshan, VP of Jiangnan Shipyard, Mr. Wu Aijun, VP of CSTC. Witnessed by Mr.Huang Wenfei, general manager of Jiangnan Shipyard, Mr.Chen Bing, R&D Superintendent of Jiangnan Shipyard, and Mr. Wang Jianping, executive director of JHW E&C Ltd, and Mr. Zhu Shengxun, CEO of JHW E&C Ltd., and Mr. Matthieu de Tugny, Executive VP of Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore, and Mr. Chen Biao, Deputy Chief Executive of Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore China.

Moving Green by Green - World's Largest Ammonia Powered VLAC Debuts

作为“零”碳排放的积极倡导者和引领者,江南造船一直前瞻性地和业界各主要伙伴合 作积极推进具有“零”碳排放特质的液化气船开发,继去年完成了所有风险分析推出了氨燃 料就绪(Ammonia Fuel Ready)的 VLGC 后,今天又共同携手 JS & Co,法国船级社(BV) 推出全球最大的氨动力 93000 立方米 VLAC。

As an advocate and pioneer of "zero" carbon emission technology, Jiangnan Shipyard has been proactively cooperating with major partners in the industry to promote the development of liquefied gas carriers with "zero" carbon emission characteristic. After completing an HAZID (Hazard Identification) and launching the ammonia fuel ready VLGC last year, today Jiangnan cooperated with JS & Co and Bureau Veritas (BV) in order to build 93000 CBM ammonia powered VLAC, which will also be the world’s largest ammonia carrier.

该船将可以用于运输来自世界各地正在开发的许多新的绿色合成氨项目的液态氨,包 括 JS & Co 将推广的项目,以满足欧洲和东北亚地区 2025 年的需求。

The vessel will be used to transport liquid ammonia from the many new green ammonia projects under development around the world, including the one JS & Co will be promoting, to supply the need of Europe and Northeast Asia from 2025.

氨被认为是最有希望实现零碳航运 目标的替代燃料之一,作为零碳能源,氨燃 料能满足更加严格的温室气体排放要 求,可以使船舶满足 2050年的终极目标。随 着氨燃料需求预期将会扩大,对稳定供应的氨运输船需要也将不断增加。

Ammonia is considered to be one of the most promising alternative fuels to achieve the goal of zero carbon shipping. As a zero carbon energy, ammonia fuel can meet more stringent greenhouse gas emission requirements and enable ships to meet the ultimate goal of 2050. As the demand for ammonia fuel is expected to expand, the demand for ammonia carriers will also increase.