BV sponsors Australian non-profit the One and All


Bureau Veritas sponsors Australian non-profit the One and All

Feb. 2 2024

BV is proud to be sponsoring the One and All – a non-profit organization on a mission to engage young people in seafaring.

The One and All is a vintage-style tall ship built and run by volunteers and berthed in Port Adelaide, Australia. The vessel is used to provide sailing training and experiences to the younger generation, vulnerable people and members of the wider public. The organization notably supports people at the start of their maritime career offering valuable youth development programs, hands-on industry experience and cadetship programs.

Commissioned in 1987, One and All has been serving the local community for over 36 years. Approximately 10,000 students have been involved in its unique youth development programs to date.

An organization aligned with Bureau Veritas’ values

The collaboration with One and All was sparked by a BV offsite event in November 2022 Our Australia and New Zealand teams spent an afternoon sailing aboard the One and All and were inspired by the ship’s worthy cause, and our shared goals. Senior management welcomed the opportunity to back a charity aligned with BV’s industry and values and support the next generation of seafarers. 


Business Director Australia & New Zealand

Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore

Bureau Veritas is proud to sponsor the team behind the One and All in providing sailing experiences for South Australia’s youth. As a natural alignment with our longstanding maritime heritage, we’re honored to support early careers and opportunities for tomorrow’s nautical talents.

Continuing to support the next generation of seafarers

Bureau Veritas’ sponsorship will aid One and All in all areas of its strategy, including its collaboration with the Australian government to maintain the ship and continue to deliver significant social benefits. One and All also plans to develop the opportunities it offers to people of all ages and focus on maintaining the financial viability of the numerous events and experience days it holds. 

Bureau Veritas’ sponsorship is important to One and All to ensure we can deliver necessary maritime education programs to young people. This will have the power to help change lives and open up new horizons for the younger generation.” 

Annie Roberts, Operations Manager at Friends of One & All Sailing Ship Inc.