BV Remote Survey Center - Dubai


Bureau Veritas opens additional remote survey centers in Dubai & Istanbul: Expanding digital classification delivery

Jun. 15 2020

The latest remote survey centers in the UAE and in Turkey is a new milestone in Bureau Veritas’s strategy to deploy a 24/7 remote survey offer worldwide.

This new center follows the opening of Rotterdam and Piraeus remote survey centers.

BV Remote Survey - Dubai

Kerem Kiper, Vice President for the India, Middle East and Africa Zone for Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore explained that, while BV had a well-developed remote and digital delivery platform, the pandemic conditions had accelerated the market’s perceptions about remote surveys. ‘There is a growing comfort with the process. We are combining the best of our insight and expertise with remote access.’

‘Where remote survey has really proved its worth is in line with our original vision such as for occasional surveys, including particular damage surveys, where we can look at an issue immediately rather than waiting for the next port call or opportunity to inspect.’

Kerem Kiper: ‘Post-crisis, remote surveys will be part of whatever our “new normal” looks like. It is a way to facilitate access to the ship for the surveyor by reducing the need for transportation resulting in a cost reduction for the ship-owner but also a safer way for the surveyor while reducing the carbon footprint of Bureau Veritas services.’

Other remote survey centers will follow soon for a complete deployment worldwide.
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