Bureau Veritas awards AiP for TotalEnergies’ Skipe V2 tool


Bureau Veritas awards AiP for TotalEnergies’ Skipe V2 tool

May. 2 2024

Bureau Veritas (BV) has announced an Approval in Principle (AiP) for TotalEnergies’ Skipe V2 mooring integrity monitoring technology. 

TotalEnergies’ Skipe V2 software aims to advance safety integrity for floating units. It provides indications of mooring system integrity, employing a status-based detection method for line failures using the unit’s position and heading. As well as reliability and cost improvements, this method has the additional benefit of directly monitoring mooring performance in terms of station-keeping and preserving the risers’ integrity.

Floating units must be built to withstand extreme conditions far out at sea. Ensuring the integrity of mooring systems through regular monitoring is essential to the safe operation of offshore units. In preparation of the AiP, BV conducted multiple tests on randomly selected mooring cases, covering different draft, line status and environmental conditions. The results of the tests indicated 100% efficacy and accuracy in assessing the integrity of mooring systems.

Skipe V2 was reviewed and validated from a safety and integrity perspective with consideration to BV’s NR 493 Rules for the classification of mooring systems for permanent and mobile offshore units

Matthieu Baert

Head of Renewable and Power Section

Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore

Skipe V2 has the potential to be an invaluable tool in helping offshore operators uphold the highest standards of operational safety. Such advanced software has multiple benefits for users, impacting not only their assets but the efficiency of their operations. We’re proud to be able to recognize TotalEnergies’ work in this field.