Bureau Veritas and MECA promote CoPropel at E-LASS

Jun. 2 2023

In May, Bureau Veritas (BV) and MECA attended the 17th seminar held by the European Network for Lightweight Applications at Sea (E-LASS), which was held in Las Palmas, Spain.

Introducing CoPropel

The event provided a platform for the two project partners to share and promote the activities behind CoPropel. The CoPropel project aims to harness the benefits of lightweight composite materials to improve propeller design.

MECA has been focusing on the design aspects to assess and develop a compliant solution for propeller assembly. They have so far investigated the impacts of blade orientation on the change of flow, and how deformation under different fluid loads might influence hydrodynamic performance.

Developing guidance for design assessments

BV is supporting the CoPropel project with the development of the NI 663 guidance note for the design assessment of propellers in composite materials. The results of the project will provide key improvements and additions in:

  • Design assessment methods and fatigue investigations
  • Manufacturing surveys
  • Propeller monitoring
  • Procedures such as quality control

Head of BV’s Composite Materials Section

We’re proud to participate in the CoPropel project to improve and complete our existing NI 663 guidance note. It will accelerate the development of this innovative technology and contribute to better ship propulsion efficiency, while also reducing the impact of underwater radiated noise in the oceans.