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Bunkering for a More Sustainable Future

Dec. 1 2020

Understanding LNG Technologies

The shipping industry is reducing emissions and making the transition to a lower-carbon future. One of the key steps being taken in that transition has been the development of LNG-fueled shipping.

So far, gas as a marine fuel has primarily been used for ferries, OSVs and other relatively small-scale ship types and sectors. This is now changing, and the biggest and most important challenge in reducing emissions - reducing the impact of deep-sea shipping - is now being addressed.

Bunkering for a More Sustainable Future - A Bureau Veritas Technology Report

The increased size of the new breed of LNG-fueled ships is driving bunkering needs well beyond the capacity of LNG trucks and leading the development of LNG Bunkering Vessels (LNG BVs). LNG BVs are quickly gaining a prominent role, offering higher volume potential as well as significant flexibility. However, with every emerging technology comes the challenges of adapting to a regulatory framework and stakeholder expectations that are constantly evolving.

We have been working closely with the industry to understand and address the risks and challenges clients and stakeholders face. This report is an opportunity for us to share our expertise and support our clients in their decision-making for LNG bunkering and their transition towards a greener future.

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