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TMC Marine 

A subsidiary of Bureau Veritas, TMC Marine is a leading technical marine consultancy with offices in London, Singapore, Shanghai, Melbourne and Houston. Since 1979, TMC has provided high-quality support to clients, shipowners, insurers, charterers, law firms, cargo interests and other authorities. 


TMC Marine’s comprehensive services include emergency response, salvage and wreck removal, engineering and marine accident investigation, distressed cargo management, expert witness legal work, technical support for insurance claims, as well as loss prevention and cargo work.   

When marine assets are damaged, rapid intervention is necessary to avoid loss of the vessel, as well as damage to the environment or cargo. Accident investigation is necessary to determine the cause of an incident (collision, fire/explosion, grounding, etc.), and clients may require assistance initiating first-response services and monitoring the incident. As legal disputes can arise throughout a vessel’s lifecycle, from pre-delivery to post-incident, clients require sound, consistent technical advice from experienced consultants. 

  • More than 40 years of experience managing the world’s most challenging salvage projects

  • An emergency response team which comprises qualified SCRs, naval architects, marine engineers and master mariners
  • A comprehensive assistance following incidents, including on-site attendance and technical response coordination
  • In-house developed software enables independent verification of engineering calculations
  • A comprehensive range of legal services throughout the incident timeline

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Salvage and wreck removal

TMC Marine advises on marine salvage and wreck removal operations, acting on behalf of owners, hull and machinery underwriters, charterers, cargo interests, and salvage companies. Services include on-site client representation, salvage engineering solutions, and in-house software support.
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Legal disputes and litigation

TMC Marine consultants are trained to act as expert witnesses for legal disputes and litigation arising from marine incidents. Witness consultants provide expert evidence to assist courts in reaching decisions in a variety of legal forums, such as civil courts and at arbitration hearings.
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Surveys, inspections, and audits

TMC Marine undertakes a variety of surveys, inspections, and audits to assist you in loss prevention, insurance claims, and pre-entry risk analysis. It conducts surveys for the following aspects: pre- and post-charter; pre-entry, hold, hatch-cover, and routine condition; on-hire and off-hire; pre-purchase; draught; bunker; and fixed and floating objects.
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Marine warranty and Offshore Services

TMC Marine provides you with expert advice and support on a range of offshore industry issues. Services include marine warranty, structural installations, decommissioning and salvage of offshore installations, client representation, and load-out/load-in assurance.
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Design and engineering consulting

TMC Marine leverages its in-house software to analyze and independently verify a range of engineering calculations, problems, and solutions. Software programs include SEAMASTER, SEADAM, COMLASH, and OPTIMOOR, among others.
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+40years of TMC Marine experience providing marine salvage and incident investigation services to the marine industry
45TMC Marine consultants and surveyors specializing in marine surveying and engineering consulting
8in-house TMC Marine software programs