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MAC Marine Services

Maritime Assurance & Consulting Ltd (MAC) is a Bureau Veritas Group Company offering support services for a range of vessel types. 


An active member of the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA), MAC provides expertise in marine engineering services, DP consultancy, and vessel compliance. MAC’s experienced personnel provide customized solutions for vessel assessment and compliance and can work as independent representatives on a client’s behalf. 

The safe operability and continued seaworthiness of vessels are paramount for shipowners and operators. From newbuilding projects to vessel upgrades and conversions, clients must ensure their ships are well-engineered and in full compliance with relevant regulations for safety and environmental protection. Throughout the lifecycle, vessels require equipment reviews, structural assessments, and on board surveys to help them fulfill their operational missions.      

  • MAC’s holistic engineering expertise improves every aspect of your vessel’s equipment, structure, and functionality
  • With DP assurance services, MAC assures your vessel’s safe operability and cost-effectiveness   
  • MAC’s end-to-end project assurance ensures your vessel’s structural integrity from design to sea trial and launch  
  • Offering a comprehensive understanding of regulations, MAC ensures vessel compliance with safety and environmental standards

DP Assurance and Consultancy

MAC provides dynamic positioning (DP) services to help clients select, integrate, operate and verify their ships according to their vessel’s specific project mission and application. To this end, MAC offers DP vessel conversion, DP equipment configuration analyses, FMEA and FMECA analyses, and DP incident investigation.
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Marine and Assurance Consultancy 

MAC offers comprehensive operations based services in marine compliance and safety. Services include checking and approval of loadout, transportation and installation of jackets, structures, modules and integrated decks, towed pipeline bundles and subsea installations.
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Project Assurance and Consultancy

For project assurance, MAC can provide client representation and act as your second-party representative in the shipyard. MAC experts will attend your sea trials, an indispensable final step before ship certification. MAC personnel will also witness your vessel’s seaworthiness in open waters before its certification, final delivery and eventual launch. 
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Compliance Services

MAC helps clients ensure their vessels meet the latest regulatory standards. Ship and crew safety are top priorities for vessel owners and operators, and MAC offers a slew of safety assessments, assuring regulatory compliance with safety management analyses, quality control studies, and environmental compliance evaluations. 
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