We’re by your side to shape the future of maritime

We’re by your side to shape the future of maritime

Oct. 12 2023 - 4 min

As an industry, collaboration is how we can really get things done. And with the maritime world evolving on all fronts, our collective to-do list is a long one.

Together, we’re bringing shipping to net-zero by 2050, developing sophisticated and cyber-resilient vessels and systems, playing our role in the global energy transition. And shipping companies, designers and yards, regulators and class societies alike must all play their part. At Bureau Veritas, we firmly believe that the only way to achieve all our ambitions is to work together. That’s why I believe it’s so important to be able to tell our clients “We’re by your side,” and follow this up with real support.

People-lead and customer-driven

While we talk about grand goals and stakes on an industry scale – or even a global scale – the fact remains that our support and expertise count at an individual level.

The importance of people – our clients, employees and other stakeholders – is held in high value at Bureau Veritas. We have earned a reputation as a client-centric class society that works to understand needs on an individual level. We not only say that we’re by our clients’ side – we show it. Our support and services are tailored to answer the challenges our customers face, from our Class Rules through to our software. And we endeavor to implement what we learn from them to continuously improve our offer.

Making progress, by your side

Change and progress don’t happen in a vacuum. And experience tells us that collaboration is essential to innovate effectively. That’s why, in addition to being by our clients’ side, we stand beside partners across the maritime world and beyond. In this way, we can bring together the right tools and minds from diverse sectors.

While we debate over fuels and energy, people power remains our most valuable asset, both as a class society and in the industry at large. People make things happen. That means that to achieve our ambitions, we must have the right people making the right decisions – and acting on them.

By your side through 2050 and beyond

I’m proud of the proximity we maintain through our global network. We’re there for our clients when they need us in yards, onboard ships, and in ship owners’ offices around the world, championing safety and compliance, and supporting their ambitions. And we’re there for them from the word go, right through their ships’ operating life.

We’re all united by our drive to leave the oceans clean and protected for the next generations. To me, the phrase “We’re by your side” represents the core values that will help us achieve this. It embodies our commitment to our clients, to clarity and pragmatism, and to teamwork. It recognizes the status we are so proud of, and work to maintain: that of a trusted partner that maritime players can rely on, now and long into the future.