veristar green

VeriSTAR GREEN: making energy efficiency easier

Oct. 25 2021 - 4 min

Benjamin Lechaptois, Sustainability Strategy leader, talks us through VeriSTAR Green, a free tool to help shipowners navigate new IMO CO2 emissions standards and their associated decarbonization indices: EEXI and CII.

What is VeriSTAR Green, and what need does it fill within the marine and offshore industries?

Shipowners have a fast-approaching deadline—January 1, 2023—to start using the new Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI). From that point on, EEXI will be the design index in force to determine whether ships in service are compliant with the IMO’s new CO2 emissions standards. The clock is ticking, and applying the EEXI is no small task.

This is where VeriSTAR Green comes in. We created this free tool for shipowners to easily and accurately calculate their attained EEXI value. A shipowner can input their ship data, and VeriSTAR Green will calculate their EEXI, comparing it to the required EEXI to determine whether they comply with new emissions standards.

VeriSTAR Green was designed to facilitate the process, helping shipowners save the time and resources typically required to figure out complex index calculations, a process that has high potential for error. Our goal is for shipowners to save time and feel confident in the calculations provided.

Once an owner or operator has the information, what is their next step?

In the case of noncompliance, shipowners can count on our support. For example, BV Solutions M&O technical experts are here to help improve vessel design to achieve compliance and efficiencies. The VeriSTAR Green interface provides an easy way to contact our technical experts and request quotes. Users will also have access to an important resource: our white paper , which fully explains EEXI and other indexes that are relevant to new IMO emissions targets.

What new functionalities can we expect to see soon added to VeriSTAR Green?

The tool will also provide support regarding the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII), an operating index that complements the arsenal of IMO short-term measures. The CII is based on fuel consumption data over the period of one year, so VeriSTAR Green will enable users to upload their data and calculate their CII to determine their rating and associated compliance. These features will be released in early November, and will be updated regularly to take into account the latest outcomes from IMO MEPCs and notably the 77th session , where the committee is expected to determine the final guidelines for CII.

Could you explain the CII rating system, and what owners and operators need to do to ensure they’re CII compliant?

Vessels over 5,000 GT will be required to quantify and report on carbon emissions from operations. Once it comes into effect in 2023, the CII will be used to rate ships on a 5-grade scale: A, B, C, D and E. Owners want to make sure they’re at least at a C level for the year under consideration, keeping in mind that CII comes with yearly reduction factors.

This means that being compliant for a given year will not ensure compliance throughout the entire life of the ship. Any vessels receiving a D rating three years in a row will require ship design upgrades or significant operational improvements. Any E-rated vessels will need to improve their fuel consumption to be aligned with the new IMO standards.

Thus, it’s important for shipowners to determine their vessels’ carbon intensity profiles and optimize their Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) by the end of 2022. As soon as the CII functionalities are released in November, VeriSTAR Green will be a perfect aid to meet this deadline.