Telling the tale of Greece’s largest motor yacht

Oct. 22 2020 - 6 min

Clocking in at 95 meters, the recently delivered O’Pari is Greece’s largest mega yacht, a feat of design and engineering classed by Bureau Veritas.

Nicholas Brown, Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore’s Head of Communications, talks to John Dragnis, CEO of Golden Yachts about the recently delivered O’Pari motor yacht.

NB: Can you tell us about how you started in the yacht sector?

JD: Over three decades ago, my father, Captain Paris Dragnis, dreamt of building a high-end motor yacht for cruising the Mediterranean. By then, he had already established an impeccable reputation in the maritime industry, and he threw himself into his new project.

He managed everything from the design stage to the final touches, until his first yacht, the O’Pari, was built. He did this with Intermarine, a shipbuilding company that worked primarily on naval ships, focusing on safety, quality and engineering.

It was these factors, along with the ship’s elegant design that made the O’Pari (which was later renamed JAAN) a success with Greek and foreign charterers. This inspired my father to start his own yacht building company, Golden Yachts. Since then, we’ve built up a fleet of 14 yachts ranging in size from 40 to 95 meters.

NB: What are the unique features of this most recent yacht, the new O’Pari?

JD: The new O’Pari is the largest mega yacht ever built in Greece, standing at 95 meters long. We had architects, engineers and other specialists design the vast internal and external lounge areas to provide guests with an elegant, comfortable and luxurious environment.

We have made an effort to marry contemporary design, precious materials and handcrafted furniture with state-of-the-art technology, machinery and navigation. Add to that top-of-the-line communication equipment and entertainment systems. We are also really proud to have integrated technologies onboard that limit the ship’s environmental footprint and emissions.

NB: How did Bureau Veritas support you in developing the O’Pari, and how would you characterize your long-standing relationship with us?

JD: We have been working with Bureau Veritas for a long time now, since the shipbuilding industry first began thriving abroad. We built a creative and fruitful partnership that over the past ten years has helped us deliver three of the biggest motor yachts completed in our shipyard: the O’Pari3 (72m), the O’Ptasia (85m) and the new O’Pari (95m).

Both in terms of plan approval and on-site surveys, Bureau Veritas’ effort and support have been extraordinary and indispensable. They played a huge role in our being able to manage and deliver a nearly 100-meter yacht in less than two years. Bureau Veritas has helped us reinforce the unrivaled quality and safety that Golden Yachts is famous for.

NB: How do you see the immediate and longer-term future for yachts – particularly the sustainability challenges that everybody is facing?

JD: The Covid-19 pandemic hit just three months before the final delivery of the O’Pari. We did our best to protect our employees and managed to deliver the yacht on time without sacrificing quality. Ever since, we have had to adjust to new circumstances, updating our production processes to meet changing market demands.

In terms of sustainability, requests for super yacht construction have increased in parallel with specifications for greener yachts that respect class, flag and IMO regulations. We’re partnering with another Greek company, EPE, to develop and integrate a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) system into the main and auxiliary exhaust system. This cuts waste gas emission and harmful pollutants, and limits underwater and onboard noise.

NB: What are the next projects for you?

JD: At the moment, we are completing a specially designed, BV-classed, 88-meter project, which will be delivered by spring 2022. Also in the works is the design and development of two more 72-meter ships that will follow the latest environmental standards and regulations.

Photo Credit: Golden Yachts