Matthieu de Tugny, Executive Vice President of Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore, looks back on COP26 and takes stock of what he witnessed.

Reflecting on COP26

Nov. 23 2021 - Matthieu de Tugny - 3 min

From all there was to see and hear at COP26, one thing stood above all: the great determination in our industry for concerted climate action. From the very first days, it was apparent that the maritime sector is ready – not only from a technological perspective – to make the changes necessary to meet climate targets.

There has been a notable shift in discussions from the “how” to the “when.” Early maritime innovators have developed what we need; now we must act to ensure the industry can benefit from low- and zero-carbon technologies at scale. This is a vital time, one when we must consider the future that we want to build for us all. It is time for clear and comprehensive legislation from governments and organizations to generate the support and incentives needed to make headway in our energy transition.

We have seen a positive response from governments during the summit, and now the pathway to net zero is truly starting to take shape. For example, 22 governments signed the Clydebank Declaration committing to creating new green corridors through major deepsea routes. This will sustainably link the world’s largest ports by 2030. Change is definitely in the air, but now is the time when the industry, its stakeholders and investors must look to accelerate and capitalize on these developments at scale.

Beyond vessels themselves, we must rethink and scale up the infrastructure that will enable this change. For example: increasing the availability of onshore LNG bunkers and electricity supply. We must factor in carbon offsetting and carbon capture for the parts of our industry that will remain emissions-intensive. Above all, we must be transparent in how we go about this.

Transparency will help us share the data to accurately track our progress, manage our shortcomings and build trust across the industry. As a world leader in laboratory testing, inspection and certification services, Bureau Veritas has a pivotal part to play here as a champion of transparency. We are in a strong position to provide accurate measurement and verification through our BV Green Line of services and solutions dedicated to sustainability, and thus help our stakeholders navigate to a more sustainable world.

The first part of November has been full of productive and inspiring discussions. Now we must work together to make sure, for the good of our planet and future generations, that these words become actions.