Container ship safety



Apr. 1 2019

Aiming for large-scale commercialization, the Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) industry is conducting intense and robust R&D to overcome technical barriers in areas such as offshore floating wind turbines, tidal, river, wave and ocean thermal energy converters.

In Europe, ambitious programs such Horizon2020 and Interreg are providing MRE stakeholders with the resources they need. Bureau Veritas works alongside industry players involved in numerous R&D projects at national and international levels. Projects currently in the pipeline run the gamut when it comes to MRE technologies: extreme sea state, dynamic cable behavior, anchorage systems, farm architecture optimization, MRE design and safety factors, composite materials, fatigue impact on design, and system reliability.

Bureau Veritas is involved in the i4Offshore project, which aims to break down the cost barriers of large-scale offshore developments, offering innovative, cost-saving solutions at highly challenging sites before 2025. In the tidal and wave sectors, Bureau Veritas is aiding in the development of open source design tools for the selection, development, deployment and assessment of ocean energy systems in DTOceanPlus project. In addition, Bureau Veritas is currently participating in important R&D projects such as Imagine, Polyamoor and Omdyn II, coordinating RealTide and as observer in MET-Certified.