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A predictive approach to ship optimization for energy efficiency

Mar. 26 2020 - 5 min

A new offer from Bureau Veritas Solutions – Marine & Offshore is helping clients quickly evaluate the benefits of optimizing their vessels to improve energy performance and reduce operating costs.

As environmental regulations grow stricter, clients are looking to improve vessel performance by reducing fuel consumption, limiting OPEX costs and improving overall energy efficiency.

Ship optimization is key to achieving these goals, yet many owners are hesitant to undertake optimization of their vessels without knowing the economic advantages in advance.

Making informed decisions

BV Solutions M&O’s Energy Audit package offers shipowners a quick, accurate understanding of the benefits of optimization for their vessels. Our expert team uses advanced tools and a proven methodology to perform hull optimization studies and compare the results to those of a range of similar ships. This assessment allows BV Solutions M&O to determine areas of improvement for specific vessels. Using this information, our team can simulate fuel savings and estimate the economic benefits of optimization for shipowners before they start the optimization process.

Clients can also undertake a range of additional studies to further improve energy efficiency, including assessments of propeller performance, onboard energy-saving devices, and ship hydrodynamics and aerodynamics.

The benefits of Energy Audits

Shipowners can receive a quick answer to the question of optimization costs and benefits, as performing a complete energy audit requires only two weeks. In terms of cost, previously conducted energy audits and optimizations have shown a range of savings for all types of vessels.

Owners can save up to 17% depending on ship type, for both newbuilds and in-service ships.

Energy audits can be performed at any stage of a vessel’s lifecycle, including the design phase. The earlier the audit takes place, the greater an owner’s immediate and long-term savings will be, as all reductions in energy consumption last throughout a ship’s operating lifecycles. Furthermore, vessels designed to optimize energy efficiency have higher value on the chartering and second-hand market, allowing owners to increase profits from their ships.

The future of energy performance

Our experts have already performed energy audits for two clients, and this is only the beginning. For shipowners looking to improve energy efficiency for all aspects of their vessels, BV Solutions M&O is currently developing an offer to address hydrodynamics that will help vessels limit hydrodynamic drag and go farther on less fuel. Our experts are also working on our OptiRoute solution, which uses digital twin technology and up-to-the-moment data to determine the optimal route for ships to travel.

Our goal is to respond to clients’ needs, adapting our services to help shipowners achieve the safest, most efficient vessel performance. From hull and propeller optimization, to design efficiency and fleet performance evaluation, BV Solutions M&O is providing fast, cost-effective solutions to address clients’ ever-changing environmental and regulatory challenges.