Levenmouth wind turbine


Apr. 1 2019

Asset Integrity Management is essential for securing the best possible return on investment throughout the lifetime of your offshore wind farm. It is then the cornerstone of a strategy targeting profits maximizing and life cycle costs control by reducing unplanned downtime and keeping scheduled maintenance inspections to a minimum.

Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore encountered similar challenges in the marine and oil & gas industries and developed its new “Digital Twin” based Asset Integrity Management solution Veristar AIM3D. It soon became apparent that this powerful digital twin solution could have significant benefits for the marine renewable energy sector as well. In the Digital Twin design, data will be available in the platform and compared to the real-world operating data and can be used to set up a risk-based approach for the inspection and maintenance activities.

The integrity manager will be then able to monitor the condition of the wind farm thanks to the dashboarded KPIs and also the web 3D visualization highlighting components with identified occurring degradation mechanisms.

The current operating offshore wind farms are designed for an expected lifetime of 20 to 25 years. These assets are subject to a harsh environment and need to be monitored for a future life extension. Thanks to its Digital Twin, all data necessary to perform them will be available, up-to-date and at hand reach on Veristar AIM3D.

The operator will be then able to save time gathering the data, avoid unnecessary reverse engineering activities and will finally significantly reduce the costs of his life extension project.

Therefore, Bureau Veritas and the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult have entered into a collaboration agreement to jointly develop a Veristar AIM3D “Digital Twin” of ORE Catapult’s 7MW Levenmouth Offshore Wind Demonstration Turbine in Fife, Scotland.

Thanks to the data shared by ORE Catapult, Bureau Veritas is developing a Digital Twin of the Levenmouth wind turbine. The work consists in importing the available 3D CAD model into the collaborative VeristarAIM3D platform.

Through this collaboration, Bureau Veritas and ORE Catapult would like to demonstrate how a digital twin can be used for implementing a healthy asset integrity management of wind farms and ultimately share Digital Twin best practices with the industry.