OrbitMI powers data-driven digitalization for decarbonization

OrbitMI powers data-driven digitalization for decarbonization

Oct. 12 2023 - 3 min

Data is a powerful tool. When properly collected, processed and contextualized, it becomes truly valuable insight for shipowners and operators.

Investing in valuable data insight

Our maritime clients need coherent and applicable data to guide them through the challenges of their decarbonization journeys. That’s why we’re proud to announce that Bureau Veritas and OrbitMI, a maritime software company based in New York, have embarked on a strategic collaboration.

Together, we hope to accelerate the development of new data-driven solutions, and the finetuning and further improvement of existing ones. Our partnership aims to address our clients’ needs in terms of the decarbonization and regulatory demands of CII, EU ETS and FuelEU Maritime. Further, we will improve our support offering to clients embarking on their own digital transformation.

Operational changes are the most immediate and accessible solutions that shipowners and operators can implement to reduce their carbon footprint. But they must answer key questions such as what to change, when to make changes, and how to do it. With data intelligence from their own fleet and business, they can make the smart choices to achieve and maintain compliance.

Meet OrbitMI

OrbitMI helps maritime organizations unlock the value of their data and implement their learnings to become more efficient, profitable and sustainable. Dedicated to “transformation without disruption,” their cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaS) platform is easy to integrate within existing processes and systems. With our investment, OrbitMI will strengthen its platform with high-quality, trusted data.

By your side in the digital transformation

At Bureau Veritas, we understand that our clients need to be able to act quickly, but also effectively and with trust in their chosen solution. With 2050 over 25 years away, it may seem sometimes that shipowners have ample time to make the necessary changes to reduce their vessels’ emissions. However, with regulations set to grow more stringent each year, they must find a viable means to act now.

This is where the value of good data really shows. With the right knowledge, owners and operators can select the right short-term OPEX-driven solutions to reduce GHG emissions for their vessel. And this in turn buys them time to consider more CAPEX-intensive long-term options.

Working with OrbitMI, we hope to offer our clients solutions that are founded on solid data science. We will be by their side through the challenges they face today and tomorrow, with insight and solutions that they can implement with confidence.

Today, ensuring performance increasingly means employing digital solutions and reliable, accurate and trustworthy data monitoring. There is a world of data out there that can be harnessed to produce meaningful insight and guide decision making. With this partnership, we hope to be able to bring that power to the service of our customers.

Matthieu de Tugny
President, Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore

To find out more about this partnership, you can read the press release here.