NEW: Veristar Equipment adds Type Approval certificates

May. 10 2021 - 4 min

The latest updates to Veristar Equipment enable maritime equipment manufacturers to request Type Approval certificates and manage the display of their certificates on Approval Explorer.

Since the creation of Veristar Equipment, maritime equipment manufacturers have been able to streamline the process for planning and carrying out equipment surveys and manufacturer audits. Bureau Veritas’ digital application enables manufacturers to create and monitor requests in real time and track type approval reviews for their equipment. Veristar Equipment also gives equipment manufacturers a direct line to Bureau Veritas experts and access to an automatically updated calendar that provides an overview of survey and audit progress.

New Veristar Equipment updates

To further support equipment manufacturers and improve our digital efficiency, Bureau Veritas has unrolled several updates for 2021.

  • Veristar Equipment now manages Type Approval certificates, including welding certificates. This means that the application covers all types of equipment certification activities.
  • Technical review for Type Approval certificates can be supported online through an exchange of comments between the equipment manufacturer and Bureau Veritas. Clients can respond directly to Bureau Veritas’ technical experts via the application, eliminating the need for lengthy email exchanges.
  • To support the technical review phase, Veristar Equipment now includes a section for storing and managing documentation. Users can organize and search for documents, and gain a clear overview of which documents have been or need to be submitted.
  • To improve follow-up, Veristar Equipment provides visibility on certification status throughout the entire certification process

In addition to these updates, Veristar Equipment is now linked to Approval Explorer, a Bureau Veritas application that helps buyers identify BV-approved product manufacturers worldwide. With Veristar Equipment, users can determine how their Type Approval certificates are displayed on Approval Explorer, including the level of detail made available and certificate order.

So far, over 1,500 equipment manufacturers have already connected to Veristar Equipment, and more than 6,000 requests for inspection have been managed online.

Making certification simpler

As with all Bureau Veritas digital applications, Veristar Equipment is designed to simplify the daily activities of our partners and clients, and facilitate their interactions with Bureau Veritas. These updates enable manufacturers to digitally receive their Type Approval certificates, and benefit from faster, clearer, more collaborative survey request management and design review processes. With Veristar Equipment, clients now can build up a searchable database of information and exchanges, connect at anytime via phone or laptop, and track the certification process from end-to-end