Veristar Green

NEW: Presenting our VeriSTAR Green platform 

Jul. 2 2021 - 4 min

This June, the International Maritime Organization’s Marine Environmental Protection committee (MEPC) 76 passed two new environmental regulations. The Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) and the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) are both indexes for measuring ships’ environmental impact, and will play a significant role in advancing marine decarbonization. The EEXI is a technical, design-based index, and the CII is an operating index. 

As of January 1, 2023, around 55,000 ships in the global fleet will need to comply with the EEXI, and about 30,000 will be subject to CII requirements. For shipowners, this means taking specific actions to measure emissions and fuel consumption, and implementing strategies for improvement.  

To help owners do this easily and smoothly, Bureau Veritas has developed VeriSTAR Green. 

Introducing VeriSTAR Green 

VeriSTAR Green is a new Bureau Veritas web platform that builds on our existing My Fuel Consumption application, picking up on its fuel data collection features. VeriSTAR Green is designed to enable users – both Bureau Veritas clients and others – to perform calculations for both carbon indexes

For the first release of VeriSTAR Green, users can use the platform to determine their required EEXI value, and compare attained and required EEXI or EEDI values. Upcoming releases will offer other features, including the ability to automatically calculate attained EEXI values.  

VeriSTAR Green will also help shipowners manage CII by providing functions for calculating and simulating a ship’s CII and determining its corresponding rating. This will be based on information gleaned from the most recent MEPC. 

Making EEXI and CII compliance easy 

Bureau Veritas created the VeriSTAR Green platform to facilitate and accelerate the calculation process for shipowners, who have just 18 months to achieve compliance. VeriSTAR Green is an efficient, convenient solution that leverages our team’s expertise in performing calculations and ability to identify key inputs. 

Our goal in developing this platform is to make improving sustainability simple, giving shipowners a convenient way to assess their progress toward decarbonization and regulatory compliance. VeriSTAR Green helps put shipowners on the right path, giving them access to key Bureau Veritas experts who can help them verify and optimize carbon emissions to achieve compliance.