Digitalization Bureau Veritas

The interactive camera technology advancing remote inspection


Nov. 6 2019 - 3 min

Bureau Veritas is bringing clients all the benefits of its latest in remote inspection technology, which enhances safety, collaboration and sustainability.

The increased digitalization of the offshore industry has brought numerous advancements in areas like autonomy, data storage and remote inspection. These technologies have the power to improve safety conditions for personnel carrying out inspections, while improving efficiency and offering potential cost savings.

In line with an industry-wide digital drive and the needs of our clients, Bureau Veritas’ offshore division has made significant investments in remote inspection technologies. At this September’s Offshore Europe conference in Aberdeen, Bureau Veritas Offshore teams were pleased to present a new innovation revolutionizing our inspections.

A new application: wearable cameras

By combining inspection capabilities with remote applications, surveyors and auditors can participate in inspections from anywhere in the world. Thanks to a specialized camera, users can access a real-time audio and visual feed. This can be, for example, mounted on a hard hat, allowing remote auditors to observe first-hand the inspection of tasks and interact directly with on-site field staff. To ensure data security, the live stream is password-protected and fully encrypted.

Greater flexibility, growing accessibility

With surveyors, auditors and even clients participating remotely, inspections can become more collaborative, while reducing the number of onsite personnel. This technology improves flexibility for inspections, shortens service delivery times, and contributes to greater sustainability and cost-efficiency. While there is no perfect substitute for an on-site surveyor, Bureau Veritas’ technology can vastly improve the quality of audits and inspection, helping clients achieve compliance with accreditation standards.

When we presented this remote inspection technology at Offshore Europe, attendees were thrilled to try out the camera-equipped hard hat, with some requesting trial runs straight away. Our remote inspection technologies are already providing added value to oil and gas clients worldwide. By combining the latest in technological innovations with Bureau Veritas’ world-class inspection expertise, our clients can have their inspections carried out expertly and efficiently, wherever they are.