Cybersecurity - Bureau Veritas joins forces with Secura

Integrating Cyber Security into Ship Design and Construction

Mar. 30 2021 - 4 min

Cyber security for marine vessels is a growing priority for ship owners, operators and managers. The introduction of IMO Resolution MSC.428(98) sounded warning bells for many industry players, prompting them to seek new cyber security solutions for in-service ships. A recent survey from the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) even revealed that, in 2020, marine stakeholders requested more services for cyber security than classification.

With cyber security efforts underway for existing vessels, the marine industry is now turning to a new challenge: achieving cyber security for newbuilds. This means developing ships that are cyber secure by design, wherein all onboard equipment and construction processes have been approved by cyber security experts.

Bringing Secura onboard

In January 2021, Bureau Veritas acquired Secura, an independent service company specializing in cyber security. Secura provides security testing, audits, training and certification services for numerous kinds of technology, including networks, systems, applications and data.

By combining our maritime expertise with Secura’s in-depth understanding of cyber security, Bureau Veritas can help clients address cyber security from the equipment manufacturing and construction phase.

Secura will provide testing and support throughout the vessel design and building process, helping clients choose approved equipment and helping shipyards construct cyber secure vessels. Once the ship is built, Bureau Veritas can deliver a CYBER SECURE notation, confirming the vessel’s compliance with IACS’ Recommendation on Cyber Resilience (No 166). Similarly, a TYPE APPROVAL certificate can be delivered to indicate maritime equipment that is secure by design, in accordance with Bureau Veritas’ NR 659.

Joining forces with Secura will further enable Bureau Veritas to provide clients with value add cyber security services in more locations, augmenting our worldwide network of experts. Secura will also help Bureau Veritas with the qualification of equipment manufacturers, enabling us to further develop a database of cyber secure, BV-approved equipment suppliers. This database will be available to shipyards worldwide, as well as shipowners and our internal teams.  

The future of cyber secure vessels

Along with other industry players, Bureau Veritas is working to develop the first ship that is cyber secure by design. We are part of a joint design development project in South Korea with the goal of successfully constructing the first fully cyber secure newbuild. This project will enable Bureau Veritas to identify security issues for equipment and construction, as well as update our rules, guidelines and methodologies for cyber secure vessels.