FPSO, semisubmersible, self-elevating platforms


Nov. 1 2018

Bureau Veritas has launched new services in order to support the marine & offshore industry into meeting the requirements of the EU Regulation 1257/2013 on Ship Recycling

The regulation applies to ships and offshore units over 500 GT, for example FPSO, semisubmersible, self-elevating platforms or towed unit flying a flag of a Member State. This binding legislative act makes it mandatory to carry on board an Inventory of Hazardous Material (IHM) latest 31st December 2020 for existing units and somewhat sooner 31st December 2018 for new units, with supporting Certificate in both cases.

Bureau Veritas services will be twofold: checking, sampling and reporting IHM, using a network of one hundred trained BV HazMat experts acting under Bureau Veritas Solutions on one hand, and certifying the IHM, on the other hand. Both types of services will apply to new and existing units. Bureau Veritas Solutions will offer clients an advanced digital tool, PRAXIS, to record all data and track them throughout the unit’s life, facilitating user-friendly maintenance of the IHM.

Every year, many offshore units reach the end of their useful life and are sent for dismantling to recycle the steel and equipment. The majority of this recycling takes place in dangerous, polluting conditions. The EU Regulation aims to reduce the negative impacts linked to the recycling of ships requiring both owners and dismantling yards to take a proactive approach to safety and environmental protection in ship recycling. For years, Bureau Veritas has experience in delivering similar “Green Passport” services with regard to the Hong Kong Convention (not yet ratified), and has developed additional “EU-SRR compliant “ – GREEN PASSPORT EU.