Peter Chew - Managing Director of PSA Marine

A first in remote surveys with PSA Marine

Dec. 17 2020 - 4 min

Yong Ping Koh, Chief Executive of Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore Singapore, talks to Peter Chew, Managing Director of PSA Marine, about the remote survey of PSA Aspen, PSA Marine’s first dual fuel LNG harbor tug.

YPK: Could you give us an overview of this remote survey experience?

PC: On June 18, 2020, PSA Marine collaborated with Bureau Veritas Singapore to conduct our first remote survey for PSA Aspen, PSA Marine’s first dual fuel LNG harbor tug. We performed a mandatory annual survey, whose scope included inspections of the hull, machinery, load lines, safety and telecommunications equipment.

With the aid of smart mobile devices and optimized live-streaming application, the BV surveyor recorded relevant images for the electronic survey report, while giving instructions to personnel onboard the tug, enabling quick and effective communication.

YPK: Why did you undergo a remote survey for the PSA Aspen?

PC: In PSA Marine, we adopt a bold and adventurous attitude toward leading and seeking innovative new ways to strengthen our capabilities. The inaugural remote survey for PSA Marine’s PSA Aspen exemplified this attitude. Our confidence in the capability, agility and resilience of our people, coupled with BV’s expertise, has allowed us to “unlearn and re-learn better”.

The on-schedule completion of the survey allowed PSA Marine to continue serving our customers without delay, despite the physical and travel restrictions imposed as a result of COVID-19.

As the harbor tug most recently classed by Bureau Veritas, PSA Aspen was the best suited to be the trial vessel for our first fully approved remote survey.

the first remote marine survey for PSA Aspen - PSA Marine's First LNG Dual Fuel Harbour Tug in Singapore
Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, Bureau Veritas, and PSA Marine collaborate to complete the first remote marine survey for harbor tug in Singapore


YPK: The PSA Aspen is a dual fuel LNG harbor tug. Did this have an effect on the remote survey?

PC: Yes. Since this is a dual fuel, LNG-powered harbor tug, we had to incorporate additional steps into the remote survey. This included providing an overview of the LNG bunkering station, demonstrating the switch of fuel usage from diesel to LNG on the system onboard, and conducting tests on the gas detection alarm.

YPK: Would you encourage harbor tug owners to choose remote marine surveys?  

PC: Yes. Where situation and context permits, remote marine surveys can overcome physical and geographical barriers, as well as encourage a digitally ready mindset. In this case, as the PSA Aspen is not a sea-going vessel, a fully approved remote survey was possible with authorization from the flag administration.

YPK: What was it like to work with Bureau Veritas on this project?

PC: Both PSA Marine and Bureau Veritas have nurtured strong cultures of innovation among our people. The successful remote survey is a testament of our beliefs and longstanding partnership.

Photo Credit: PSA MARINE