Electrifying fleets for a sustainable future

Electrifying fleets for a sustainable future

Apr. 22 2022 - 4 min

As the maritime industry takes action to meet 2050 decarbonization targets, electrification presents a new solution for fleet operators.

Introducing partly or fully electric vessels into a fleet will primarily reduce harmful carbon, NOx and SOx emissions. Electricity is also significantly cheaper than marine diesel, optimizing cost efficiency. Batteries are therefore an attractive alternative to traditional fuels for vessels that stay close to the onshore grid, such as harbor operation and inland navigation vessels.

Experts in batteries and battery-powered vessels, Bureau Veritas supports its customers in the electrification of their fleet and has contributed to successful projects around the world.

Working towards a hybrid electric future in Singapore

Bureau Veritas recently partnered with the Maritime Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) for its hybrid diesel-electric aluminum patrol craft. The 34-meter-long MPA Guardian conducts shallow water search and rescue, oil spill response and other salvage operations, with a launching platform for drone deployment. It is better equipped to navigate in all weathers and has greater endurance compared to older vessels in the MPA patrol fleet.

The vessel is able to charge its batteries at sea using the movement of the propulsion engine and operates in three modes. Firstly, the vessel can operate in fully electric mode for up to three hours when at full capacity per charge. It can also run on hybrid mode, using diesel and electricity simultaneously, and diesel mode, partially converting some of the power back to electricity.

The vessel was developed in collaboration with the Singapore Ministry of Defense’s Science and Technology Agency and Penguin Shipyard International. It will serve as a pilot project to test new technologies and equipment for a next-generation fleet. Bureau Veritas classed this innovative patrol craft, leveraging its expertise in battery power and hybrid vessels.

A trusted partner for electrification

As this innovative project demonstrates, introducing batteries on board can give ship owners a competitive edge and contribute to reducing emissions. Yet challenges remain regarding cost, safety, installation, autonomy and battery lifecycle. Bureau Veritas’ experts offer risk analysis and safety testing services to ensure peace of mind.

Bureau Veritas provides a regulatory framework for battery-powered ships and updates its rules every six months. We offer three notations, the first of which is BATTERY SYSTEM, covering the safe installation and use of batteries. Our ELECTRIC HYBRID and ELECTRIC HYBRID PREPARED are then respectively for hybrid vessels and vessels designed to be fitted with batteries in the future. Bureau Veritas remains by your side to support you with the electrification of your fleet.