CGO gas OIZ1 LNG carriers Courtesy Itsas Gas



Bureau Veritas has been appointed to class the latest generation of LNG carriers.

The ships, with a cargo capacity of 174,000 m3, are currently under construction in the shipbuilding facilities of SHI, HHI, HSHI, and DSME. Low BOR Mark III Flex technology and more efficient propulsion systems with XDF and MEGI engines have been proposed. New reliquefaction technologies are being assessed.

In the field of small scale LNG, Bureau Veritas classed the Coral Methane and the Oizmendi, ships dedicated to LNG bunkering after their conversions in 2018. Bureau Veritas has also been recently asked to class two new LNG bunkering vessels at Keppel Nantong and Sembcorp, shipyards with capacities of 5,800 m3 and 12,000 m3 respectively, the latter with Mark III Flex technology.

Photo Credit: Itsas Gas