Advancing social services in the Peruvian Amazon

Advancing social services in the Peruvian Amazon

Oct. 11 2022 - 3 min

Bureau Veritas will classify two pioneering ‘social aid’ vessels that are being built by Peru’s government to assist local communities in the Amazon.

The Peruvian government voted earlier this year to construct two new multi-service vessels, known as Itinerant Platforms of Social Assistance (PIAS), to provide key social services in rural areas.

Delivering mobile social services

The groundbreaking project will provide social services to communities living in Peru’s Amazon region, including health care, banking facilities, administrative aid, and more.

The two vessels, the “Rio Ucayali I” and the “Rio Ucayali II” will be completed at the end of 2023. They will join a third vessel, the “Rio Yavari”, which was delivered last year.

The vessels will be able to accommodate a staff of 43, and will be built at the SIMA shipyard in Iquitos. After delivery, they will be operated by the Peruvian Navy.

Ensuring safety and reliability through class rules

Bureau Veritas will certify the vessels under its Rules for inland navigation vessels, providing essential safety and reliability safeguards.

The vessels will receive the classification notations Maltese cross HULL Dot MACH, IN, Special service / Medical & social assistance / Peruvian rivers.

The vessels will be 48 metres in length, 10 m in breadth and with a limited draught of approximately 0.80 m. The vessels have an excellent transverse stability. Each will be fitted with 700 kW propulsion power, which will ensure a service speed of 9 knots, while 200 kW of electrical power will supply the vessels’ onboard needs.

Using efficient modular construction methods

SIMA Shipyard has recently developed a modular construction system for its workshop to perform layout, cutting, and the alignment of plates and profiles. The blocks are raised and assembled on the construction site.

Bureau Veritas oversaw all element of the Quality Control, including the verification process, the creation of traceability records, and the control of welded joints and assembly tasks. Bureau Veritas has further strengthened its presence in Iquitos by appointing a full-time surveyor to the region.

Improving living conditions

Bureau Veritas is proud to contribute to the success of this project aimed at improving the living conditions of native people in remote areas.

More than ever, safety and reliability are essential to ensure the smooth operation of this crucial social service, catering for communities in isolated and often inaccessible regions.