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Shaping a Better Maritime World

Mar. 28 2022

Matthieu de Tugny, President Marine & Offshore, shares his thoughts and convictions about the future of shipping and the future of Class. He also expands on the importance to protect our oceans and what we do at Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore to shape a better maritime world.

Over two-thirds of the world’s surface is covered by water. Life on earth – our life – depends on the ocean, and the crucial role it plays in regulating our climate and atmosphere.

Humanity's relationship with the ocean goes back to its beginnings. For thousands of years, the sea has played a central role in human and economic development by enabling the movement of people, goods and ideas. But its relationship with humanity is also fragile, its marine fauna and flora easily damaged by human activity.

The evolution of the modern maritime industry has been closely linked to the development of standards to improve safety and protect the marine environment. This has been the work of classification societies such as Bureau Veritas. Thanks to the rules put in place, shipping today is far safer than at the beginning of the industrial revolution, with proportionally fewer lives lost at sea. We have also made strides in reducing marine pollution from the majority of vessels.

These advances are no longer enough. Today the world faces its biggest challenge.
Shipping plays a central role. Ships are the lynchpin of global trade’s upstream supply chain. As society demands that commodities groups, brands and retailers act responsibly, addressing shipping’s environmental impacts will form an increasingly important part of these economic players’ sustainability strategies.

What you will find in this book:

  • The maritime industry in the world today
  • The role of classification societies
  • How classification is supporting the shift toward sustainability
  • The future of shipping is digital
  • The future of maritime


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