Hydrostar software
Powerful hydrodynamic solver

Release Date

Version Number8.3.2

Hydrostar is a powerful 3D diffraction/radiation software based on potential theory for wave-body interactions. It takes into account multi-body interaction, effects of forward speed and internal liquid motions. Our software benefits from more than 25 years of development and is continuously updated and improved to meet technological challenges.

Hydrostar has been extensively tested and validated through comparison with semi-analytical studies, numerical results from recognized tools and experimental data. It was conceived to enhance an asset’s technical excellence and productivity. The software provides numerous advantages and functionalities to meet high-level requirements, including:

  • Dynamic coupling between liquid motions in internal tanks and ship motions
  • Generalized modes calculation: Hydrostar can solve the hydro-dynamic problem on user-defined modes
  • Side-by-side configuration as the software handles multi-body interactions

For more information, please contact: mosoftware.license@bureauveritas.com