Homer software
Essential hydro-structure calculation

Release Date

Version Number2.2.5

Homer is Bureau Veritas’ software for direct hydro-structure calculations (i.e., the computation of the structural response of a floating unit facing given wave conditions).

Our software is based on an advanced coupling method developed in our Research Department, that interfaces with Hydrostar, our hydrodynamic solver, and several structural solvers (NX Nastran, MSC Nastran, Ansys, Abaqus, etc.). Homer is supported by an experienced team of Bureau Veritas engineers and developers with strong backgrounds in hydrodynamics and structural analysis.

  • Homer reviews extreme loading cases for yielding and buckling checks (for regular or irregular design waves, irregular sea-states)
  • Our software assesses the fatigue life of structural details, using an automated top-down procedure (transfer of deformations from global to local model, and recalculation of pressures on the local model)
  • Homer ensures a perfect balance of hydrodynamics pressures and inertia loading. The response of the structure can be considered either quasi-static (it does not influence the hydrodynamic loads) or dynamic; in this case, it is based on a modal decomposition and makes it possible to consider the hydro-elastic coupling (springing of container ships for example).

For more information, please contact: mosoftware.license@bureauveritas.com