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My Fuel Consumption

Understand and comply with IMO DCS & EU MRV requirements

My Fuel Consumption is a secure cloud-based web application which facilitates vessel compliance with IMO Data Collection System (DCS) and EU MRV (Monitoring, Reporting and Verification) regulations. Both IMO DCS and EU MRV aim to limit greenhouse gas emissions, and require ships over 5,000 GT to collect and report their fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. 

Bureau Veritas developed My Fuel Consumption to simplify the complex process of collecting and reporting emissions data. Free of charge, it is available on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Intended for owners and managers of both Bureau Veritas and non-Bureau Veritas classed ships, My Fuel Consumption enables users to:

  • Achieve compliance with IMO DCS and EU MRV regulations
  • Monitor and record relevant fuel consumption and CO2 emissions data
  • Report fuel consumption data to Bureau Veritas for review
  • Generate relevant reports for IMO DCS and EU MRV regulations without double booking
  • Download digital confirmations and statements of compliance upon Bureau Veritas validation

Create your SEEMP

The My Fuel Consumption app enables clients to submit a Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) to Bureau Veritas. The app then tracks the review progress and automatically downloads your confirmation of compliance upon approval.

An all-in-one compliance platform

My Fuel Consumption is a convenient platform that enables users to easily comply with EU-MRV and IMO DCS regulations. The app enables ship owners and managers to record fuel consumption data by voyages, while at berth or for a specific period. Using smart calculation engines, MFC ensures that vessel fuel consumption data is automatically registered for the different schemes.

Automatic calculations based on entered data inputs create reports in the required formats for each reporting scheme. IMO-DCS reports are submitted to Bureau Veritas for review and provision of statement of compliance, downloadable directly from the app. EU-MRV reports are generated by My Fuel Consumption and directly sent to the EU’s Thetis database.

Access to Bureau Veritas experts

Our user-friendly digital solution allows owners of all ship types to communicate with IMO DCS and EU MRV experts. Clients can benefit from personalized assistance from Bureau Veritas experts who can help them achieve compliance.