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Digital innovation

Digital services are transforming the marine and offshore industries, bringing new opportunities and challenges. 

At Bureau Veritas, we believe digital transformation is the key to implementing successful strategies regarding improved performance, increased savings, and enhanced safety.

Cyber Safety & Security

Our digital strategy relies on three pillars:

  • digital efficiency
  • an improved customer experience, with  technology-enabled services for marine and offshore operations
  • new services for our clients

We aim to deliver ever-better services to our clients, helping them improve their operations and address any opportunities and risks posed by increased digitalization.

Bureau Veritas is leading the way in developing Digital Classification. Leveraging the latest technologies, we are now providing our clients with 3D classification, remote inspection services and predictive and optimized surveys.

Digital efficiency

Digital efficiency

We equip our workforce with the digital tools they need to deliver better, faster and more efficient service to our clients. Our tools include advanced scheduling solutions (MyChronos) that enable our offices to promptly provide clients with the right surveyor at the right time, as well as a digitalized survey tool (MyJobs), that allows clients to receive fast responses to technical questions, quickly deliver high-quality reports and issue electronic certificates while onboard.


We offer a one-stop digital experience, enabling our clients to understand regulations, access their ship data, purchase a service or contact a Bureau Veritas expert anytime, anywhere. Shipowners worldwide rely on the My Veristar app to manage their fleets’ class and statutory surveys; they can now also use PSC Ready to prepare their next Port State Control inspections. Clients can now choose secure e-certificates recognized by Flag Administrations and accepted by PSC Authorities, to reduce their administrative burden, save time and eliminate loss and damage. We are also providing more applications to help our clients manage regulations and secure their operations: Veristar Dangerous Good & Bulk, and My Fuel Consumption.


We help marine and offshore operators manage risk and asset integrity while optimizing their units’ performance. Thanks to new digital technologies, the cost and complexity of collecting, managing and analyzing vast quantities of data can now be dramatically reduced. Our key pillar is the digital twin of the ship, developed via a powerful 3D modeling tool compatible with all our calculation software, that enables us to cut design assessment times dramatically for our clients.

Our Veristar AIM3D solution takes the 3D model one step further, by digitizing asset integrity management throughout the lifecycle. Bureau Veritas is also developing advanced inspection techniques using drones and artificial intelligence that enable clients to obtain data that would previously have been too difficult or costly to acquire.

New DIGITAL services for our clients

As our clients leverage digital technologies to transform their operations, they leverage opportunities and also inevitably face new challenges. Bureau Veritas acts as trusted partners in our clients’ digital transformation, supporting their moves towards autonomous and smart shipping, developing new class notations, certification schemes and services relating to cyber safety and security. We also work with maritime services marketplaces, providing independent third party data verification.