Digital Innovation


The future of marine and offshore classification

The route to efficiency for the maritime industry runs through digitalization. Ship owners, yards and designers are looking to collaborate with partners developing the digital tools they need to achieve compliance, optimize operations, reduce costs and improve efficiency. To improve service delivery, meet client needs and advance maritime digitalization, Bureau Veritas is proactively developing innovative digital solutions.

Our digital strategy aims to enhance clients’ experience by providing services across four axes: digital efficiency, digital applications, digital classification and digitalized assets (Maritime 4.0).
Our goal is to continuously and collaboratively develop innovative services, helping clients at all stages of their digital transformation journey.

Engineers looking at the screen in an office

Digital Efficiency

The foundational axis of our strategy, digital efficiency allows ship owners to work with classification societies using the latest digital tools. By, automating, digitizing and streamlining our classification processes, Bureau Veritas can provide clients with provide faster, more efficient, higher quality services. Our experts can optimize design review and survey planning, and optimize the speed and quality of reporting. Clients can integrate our tools directly into their existing systems, saving time, securing data quality and improving collaboration with our teams.

Bv surveyor looking at a BV Application on Mobile

Digital Applications

Shipyards, designers, owners and operators can leverage Bureau Veritas’ convenient mobile applications and online platforms to easily manage class and statutory matters. Our suite of digital applications improve our clients ability to manage compliance, improve efficiency, reduce costs and save time, from design and construction through operations and ship recycling.

Digital Classification offer - Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore

Digital Classification

Digital Classification leverages the latest digital technologies to revamp our operating model. The offer is built on three pillars: 3D Classification, Remote and Augmented surveys, and Optimized and Predictive survey schemes.
Our offer applies the latest innovations, such as digital twin technology, robotics, smart devices, artificial intelligence (AI) and more, to classification. Digital classification offers a smart, collaborative approach to classification for the complete asset lifecycle, allowing clients to save time, reduce costs, increase safety and optimize asset monitoring and maintenance.

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Industry 4.0

Today’s ships are giving way to the digitalized, interconnected and automated ships of the future. For ship owners, this means prioritizing the latest digital twin technologies, cyber security measures and smart ship solutions. By working with Bureau Veritas, clients can approach their digital transformation pragmatically, using collaboratively developed solutions for 3D modeling, cyber safety and security, and digitalizing onboard processes.