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Oil Tankers & Chemical Tankers

Safety and structural integrity for oil tankers and chemical tankers is a prerequisite. At Bureau Veritas, we work to protect your crew and the environment.

Tanker safety: Limiting your risk

Crude oil tankers, product tankers and chemical carriers walk the thin line between carrying hazardous, high pollutant cargo, and maintaining a zero-incident approach to shipping. Spills can irrevocably damage a company’s reputation, as environmental awareness and regulation increases.
Loss of life, cargo, and entire vessels are all potential consequences of poorly regulated ships. With many older vessels being decommissioned, it is vital that companies prioritize the design of safe ships, built and operated to the appropriate standards.       

How we support you

Our expertise in oil tankers and chemical tankers has evolved over 130 years, since we classed Glückauf, the first-ever tanker in 1866. Our technical knowledge, regulatory insight, and continuous support make us a natural partner for owners seeking safety and reliability.

Bureau Veritas Surveyor in the Ship Yard


Bureau Veritas maintains a strong presence in China and South Korea, the home of oil and chemical tanker construction. Our familiarity with these markets, and the related technological innovations, allow us to work on tanker constructions around the world. We class a wide range of vessels, from Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCC), Suezmax and Aframax oil tankers, LR and MR product tankers to chemical tankers and asphalt carriers. 

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LNG as Fuel for Tankers - Ternsund

LNG as fuel for tankers

A viable solution for complying with strict environmental regulations is to use natural gas as fuel, today a cost-effective move that anticipates further legislation. Bureau Veritas offers dedicated Rules relating to LNG propulsion and is the leading classification society in LNG-fueled chemical tankers, a market driven by North European owners.


Chemical Tankers - Ship Classification - Chemical Transportation


Veristar Chemicals is an internal tool that allows Bureau Veritas experts to easily develop comprehensive lists of transportable and non-transportable chemical products in bulk. With this information, Bureau Veritas can help ensure vessel compliance with the IBC Code and define features for newbuilds.

Condition Assessment Program - Oil & chemical Tankers Classification Services


Ships for charter are often asked to provide condition assessment surveys as well as class certificates. Bureau Veritas’ worldwide network of surveyors offers clear, thorough reports demonstrating a vessel’s seaworthiness.

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Arctic projects - Oil & Chemical Tankers in Arctic


Polar capability is growing as oil majors develop Arctic projects. Bureau Veritas supports the design, construction, and operation of ships destined for the Arctic circle with dedicated Polar, Ice class and winterization notations.


Bureau Veritas, Leader in the classifications of Asphalt Carriers

Leader in Asphalt transportation

Bureau Veritas’ experience and specialist knowledge make us the classification society of choice for Asphalt carriers, both with structural tanks and independent cargo tanks.

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ERS - Emergency Response Service Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore


In case of incident, Bureau Veritas emergency response teams will be on site within two hours. We also have significant experience removing damaged vessels to shore and mitigating pollution of the waters.


Real-time, connected equipment and intelligent data is emerging as shipping’s most valuable assets. At the same time, we’ve also seen how digitalization brings new challenges. Cyber-attacks against a number of players have revealed that the security solutions currently in place aren’t necessarily a match for sophisticated hackers. As a consequence, a ‘business as usual’ approach is no longer affordable and cyber security should be considered integral to safety management in shipping and offshore operations.

At Bureau Veritas we have built on our expertise across the maritime industry, safety and security of ship operations and ship design, industrial control systems, smart ships, and networks and telecommunications to provide best in class cyber security Services. How do we do it?

  • Detailed notations and practical guidelines for ships in service and new buildings
  • Global network of leading cybersecurity experts to secure your design and run efficient testing
  • Rich experience in regulation compliance (IMO, Flag administration, IACS, OCIMF, BIMCO, ICS…)
+1,200 Bureau Veritas classed ships in service
67% Percentage of LNG fueled oil/chemical tanker fleet in service classed by Bureau Veritas
17% Percentage of asphalt carrier fleet in service classed by Bureau Veritas