Technical Bulletin 2011

Welcome to this edition of the Technical Bulletin, a unique resource of technical papers delivered by experts from Bureau Veritas during the year 2011.

It is divided into four sections, grouping the papers under Hydrodynamics & Hydro-Structure, Structural Reliability & Integrity, Safety & Sustainability and Rules & Classification.

There is a strong emphasis on Hydrodynamics and Hydro-Structure, reflecting the investments made by Bureau Veritas in research in these fields and in developing relationships with leading universities and technical institutes globally. Bureau Veritas is now a global leader in understanding how marine structures behave in and interact with the marine environment. These papers offer an insight into the detailed understanding of local phenomena which is vital to predicting the structural response to waves or sloshing.

The human factor, operation and development in ice and feedback from groundbreaking new projects are all covered in other papers. Taken together, these papers share the expertise of Bureau Veritas’ advanced research teams right across the maritime and offshore energy spectrum, helping to advance maritime safety and environmental protection through pushing the frontiers of knowledge.